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Customer Reviews

best fabric! long time use! best collection ever! just love them. ❤️ dehiwala branch theres a tamil girl such an amazing staff. when you don’t find anything like you want she gives her 💯 and find for alternative! great staffs and one best quality product! ❤️

Kadijah Iqbal

JEZZA have upto date fashion and you can find everything under one roof! The team put the maximum effort to give their customers the best experience in fashion ♥️

Nathasha Fernando

Really good. loved the pieces I got online and super fast delivery!

Yusra Aziz-Eliyas

Loved the few pieces I got at the store the first time I went.. that I went again and bought a few more of the same pieces in different colors! The service at the store was also really good!
Good quality, good prices.

Nabeela Hr

Quality material, uncommon fashion , highly recommended for all .


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